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London Personal Injury Solicitors

Personal injury is a legal term used to define an injury to the mind, body or emotions, in contrast to an injury to property.

What Is Personal Injury?

This term is mostly used to outline a type of lawsuit in which the “plaintiff” or the person bringing the suit has suffered damage to his or her mind or body.

Personal injury lawsuits are filed against the entity or person who caused the harm through reckless conduct, negligence, gross negligence or intentional misconduct. In some cases,they form the basis of strict liability. Different jurisdictions describe the damages in different ways, but damages typically include the injured person's medical bills, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life.

As per a recent survey, around three million people every year face injuries; be it outdoors, in their cars, at work or even at home. In several cases, it is somebody else’s fault which gives the victim of the accident the right to claim compensation.

How To Get London Personal Injury Solicitors Involved?

A personal harm claim might seem to be complex, but if you have the aid of personal injury solicitors, the process can be quite easy and simple. Many solicitors can tell you straightaway if you have a valid claim, and that too often over a free consultation. While dealing with insurance companies, the solicitors can be very helpful to make sure that they fully consider your individual circumstances.

To establish a personal injury case in London, a solicitor would need to know the important details from you, which usually include:

Where and how the accident happened and the date.
Details about the damage, including the medical diagnosis and the treatment.
To declare if you have legal expense insurance policy or are a member of a trade union, as this may help you reduce your cost of legal representation.

How Is The Proof Established?

The solicitor would also require to see the following:

Proof of any losses incurred, e.g. in earnings or any other forms of expenses due to the wrong deed.
Any documents related to your insurance policies to see whether they will cover any of your legal costs.
Any further evidence supporting your claim; this can include any documents from before the accident happened or from any previous accidents which happened in a similar environment.

The Legal Assessment Of Personal Damage

Once the lawyer has fully gathered the conditions of your injury in detail, he will be able to assess:

The probability of your case to succeed.
The level of compensation you might be able to claim.

The lawyer will then explain to you in detail the legal processes involved in moving your case further, and also how you may fund your case. This is when you should ask your solicitor to send you a letter confirming the following:

That the solicitor is happy and willing to take your case on.
The status and the name of the lawyer along with any other personnel in the firm who will be involved in your case.
The estimated time that the case is going to take.
How the case is to be funded, estimated costs and bars on spending limits.
Any further information that is needed from your side and what your options would be if you do not see the case progressing in your best interests.